Double Diamond Sugar House - Vermont Maple Syrup

About Double Diamond Sugar House Maple Syrup


 DDSH was created in 2008 as a small operation, focused on producing pure Vermont maple syrup for the entire community to experience and enjoy. Our goal is to create a fun, friendly, educational and enjoyable experience for all those interested in the process of making maple syrup, a tradition that is deeply ingrained in Vermont culture and has been practiced for hundreds of years.

            Being located on the outer edge of Ascutney Mountain Resort, we are also very integrated with skiing, another major part of Vermont culture. DDSH is within easy walking, snowshoeing, or skiing distance from almost anywhere in the resort. Visitors are always welcome, especially any time the steam can be seen rising out of the cupola.

sap drip bucket

How We Do It

             We currently tap over 300 trees in the surrounding area of the sugar house, using the old-fashioned bucket method. Each tap has a bucket that hangs off of it to collect the dripping sap. When the buckets fill up, we walk through the woods, emptying the buckets into larger containers that are then pumped back to a main holding tank at the sugar house. From there, the sap enters the wood-fired evaporator and is boiled in the pans until it thickens and turns to syrup. It is then drawn off from the evaporator, filtered, and bottled while it is still hot, never leaving the sugar house.

            Although the actual sugaring season is usually from late February until mid-April, lasting about 6-8 weeks, much time is spent in the offseason on maintenance, improvements and restoring the wood supply.

old fashioned tapping