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Maple Syrup Buyer's Guide

There are four grades of Vermont Maple Syrup for consumers and one commercial grade. People often ask which grade is the best but that is really a personal choice! Next time you visit the sugarhouse, sample the grades that you’ve never had before to determine which one you like the best.

"Vermont Fancy"

Light Amber color, delicate maple bouquet

Delightfully mild maple flavor, excellent on ice cream or on foods
which permit its subtle flavor to be appreciated.



"Vermont Grade A Medium Amber"

Medium Amber color, pronounced maple bouquet

Characteristic maple flavor;
Popular for table and all around use.



"Vermont Grade A Dark Amber"

Dark Amber color, robust maple bouquet

Heartier maple flavor; also very popular for table and all around use.



"Vermont Grade B"

The strongest and darkest table grade maple syrup

Some people prefer this syrup for the table and its stronger maple flavor makes it the best grade for cooking.

*Source: Vermont Maple Sugarmaker's Association

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